What Do You Want To Learn Today?

Education Doesn’t Begin or End at School.

Learning Happens Everywhere. All the time.

Craft An Education That Matters To YOU

At Omnis Education, we want to educate the world. Our goal is to provide an online learning platform, powered by AI, to help every member of the family – children and parents – create learning adventures tailored to their interests, passions and pursuits. 

Students control what they want to learn, when they want to learn, and where they want to learn using our online learning platform, with educational resources created by world class educators. Simultaneously enjoying connection and collaboration globally with Omnis-led projects, community groups and clubs, based upon common interests.

Education For Everyone

Omnis School

An online learning platform for families, from childhood though to adulthood. World class learning, built upon our 6 foundation pillars of education:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Practical skills
  3. Philosophical reasoning
  4. Humanity
  5. Self management
  6. How to learn

…which work across 6 key themes:

  • Business & Career
  • Foundations of Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Money & Finance
  • Parenting
  • Self Growth & Development

Accessible with an Individual or Family pass, payable monthly from $99.

Omnis Circles

Community and connection for students of Omnis School and anyone who want to deepen learning in key areas.

Join one or more of the following Omnis Circles to learn from world class facilitators and forge connections with fellow students across the globe.

  • Omnis Allies – for people committed to their journey towards anti-racism.
  • Omnis Development – personal and professional development for adults.
  • Omnis LGBTQ+ – for tweens and teens exploring their gender identity & sexuality.
  • Omnis Self Direction – for children, tweens & teens needing support to self direct their own learning experience.
  • Omnis Tweens & Teens – for tweens and teens who value the guidance of a young adult mentor.

Free membership for Omnis School students and affordable monthly membership for everyone else.

What Our Families & Students Say

Karrie Heneman talks about Omnis EducationDiscovering and working with Omnis Education has been life changing for my family and I.

I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the treadmill life – the never ending balance between school, activities, life, work, etc. it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, my kids and I did not get enough quality time together. Then COVID hit and our life was upended.

For a while, we hunkered down and focused on enjoying spending time together. This made me realize that I wanted more quality time with my kids, no matter how our lives changed in the months and years to come. I did some research and found Omnis Education.

Their learning programs are amazing! My kids and I are continually growing and exploring new things together, happily. This year alone we have started reading poetry, learning ancient history, exploring classical music, and studying famous artists, in addition to remote learning with our public school.

I can’t thank Omnis Education for empowering me to make the change and for guiding me through the process.

– Dr. Karrie Heneman, Nutrition Expert & Mom of 4

Tamara Hansen talks about Omnis EducationA friend suggested I talk to Jennifer Miller at Omnis Education! Very skeptical, I booked a consultation.

I explained not only am I working more than full time (hello Sprint merger and end of year rush), I am project managing the build of our house, which is also a full time job! There is no way I have time to think about homeschooling. She proved me wrong.

I took a 5 hour bootcamp (which was actually the longest process of all of this) and I was hooked! She got to know our family, helped me build our educational philosophy (who has actually done this??), gave me curriculum options, sent me a purchase list that was surprisingly much more affordable than I thought AND put the whole schedule together for me!

Jennifer is an educator by training, but schooled her own kids. She could not have made this process any easier or more accessible!!

If you are not happy with how your school is approaching pandemic school, please consider a consult. You will not regret it!

– Tamara Hansen