At Omnis Education, we have developed a proprietary learning capability that empowers us to design, create and develop engaging learning experiences, online, for everyone. 

Our approach is highly beneficial to deliver:

  • Education for children and young people – for example, Omnis School
  • Training, personal growth and professional development – for example, Omnis Allies
  • Engaging, compelling and interactive experiences across many industries including travel, tourism and more.

At Omnis, the learning experience is focused around:

  • Learners deciding what matters to them and being in control of their own learning journeys
  • Any-time access to world class learning resources, from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Learning resources, designed, developed and curated by a diverse, world class team of educational experts
  • Connecting and collaborating globally with learners, of all ages, everywhere.

This Is Learning, The Omnis Way.