Careers at Omnis Education

At Omnis Education, we are not interested in simply improving education, we have reimagined it from the ground up to recreate the landscape of education for every member of the family.

Anti-racism, equity and diversity are hardwired into our identity as a company and as such, we are always delighted to hear from Black and brown, queer and under-represented people who have relevant expertise and want to join our team. We welcome enquiries from people who share our values, will thrive in our culture and who share our mission to reimagine education from cradle to grave in order to enable people globally to become all that they choose to.

What It’s Like Working for Omnis Education

Sharon Hurley Hall, Diversity Team Lead

“I’ve never worked with a women-led, intentionally anti-racist leadership team before, and I love the vibe! I also love working with a diverse team of experts – and fun people. For me, Omnis offers the chance to contribute to a unique approach to education and to do my part to help fight racism – in other words to grow into a better version of me. And I love the challenge to continuously level up and do greater things.”

Rose Townsend, Educational Developer

“The re-imagining of education that is Omnis Education is a parent’s, educator’s, and life long learner’s dream. Omnis Education not only provides meaningful, child-led learning, but reminds us that adults are learners too. The flexible scheduling and ability to work from anywhere adds to the appeal. Omnis Education is doing excellent work in education while contributing to the larger society with an emphasis on inclusive and anti-racist practices. Doing this work feels important, for education and for the bigger picture. Being part of a team of people who share these values and is led by women who are experts in their fields, is the ideal.”

Jenni Mahnaz, Head of Learning

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with a female led, equity aware, self-direction supporting team. As someone who chaffes under conventional systems of all kinds, working for Omins has been a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. I love that my voice and work are truly valued and that I’m invited to contribute in ways that align with my own values and goals. So glad I joined this team of visionaries!” 

Hannah Miller, Art & Creative Writing Expert

“Working with Omnis Education has been my constant source of inspiration and fun as this pandemic stretches on. It’s a place to bring my creative skills full circle as a teacher! I love the freedom to come up with my own lesson plans and schedule and the respect that each member of the team shows to each other. This truly is an inclusive, kind community built to inspire the best in all of us.”