Membership Options

 Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum joining period?

No, you may cancel your membership at any time.

When are payments taken?

Your payments are taken monthly, from the date you first joined. You may join at any time during a month.

Is this safe for children to access on their own/without adult supervision?

We have designed the resources on our platform to be easily and freely accessible to children of all ages. We do recommend that you – at least to begin with – support your child to get started.

Also, it’s important to note that while many of our learning resources are created by our own teachers, we do point to external resources and we cannot control what your children may be able to access when they are no longer within our platform or on our website. Children will not have access to the learning resources designed for adults, from a child account.

How do the drop-in sessions work?

As a member, you’ll be able to see a quarterly timetable of all the drop-in sessions scheduled for Adults and Children (depending upon your membership). We invite you to attend any drop-in sessions you choose to. 

The drop-in sessions last between 30-60  minutes; we monitor attendance numbers to ensure you receive the support you need and will schedule more sessions if we feel this is necessary to provide you with a great learning experience. 

What is the Global Learning Village?

This is an integral part of your Omnis Education experience! It is our online community support and learning group, run via a private Facebook group, which you are invited to as a student (past and present) of Omnis Education. 

This is lifetime membership and you can leave whenever YOU choose (or stay for as long as YOU choose). We share additional, fun learning resources with members, as well as share further opportunities for you to get involved at Beyond School.

What if you don’t teach something I want to learn or that I want my children to learn?

We are VERY happy to hear about things you’d like to learn that we don’t yet provide. We are constantly building and creating new opportunities to learn and we will do our best to incorporate what you’d like to learn.