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An Introduction To Hambone

The History of Hambone

Hambone was created by enslaved Africans who were forbidden from owning or playing musical instruments. The history of how this musical tradition came to be is told by Diane Ferlatte.

As described in Diane Ferlatte’s video above, the hambone (the bone of a ham) was used to make a big pot of soup which, with lots of water, and little scraps of vegetables and spices, was stretched to feed many families. That same hambone would be passed around and used repeatedly in different pots of soups…making something from nothing as a way of survival. The name for this musical tradition of the Hambone came directly from this practice

“Hambone Hambone, where you been?

Been around the world and back again.

Hambone Hambone, what did you see?

A bunch of hungry children looking at me.

Hambone Hambone what did you do?

I fell into a pot of stew.

Hambone Hambone where did you go?

Out on the town to see the show.”

Learn Some Basic Hambone Techniques with Teilhard Frost!

Watch the video below and then spend time practicing every day. It’s a good idea to watch the video several times, so that you get the feel and technique. Why not try playing along with Teilhard…

Have You Enjoyed This?

At Omnis Education, Teilhard teaches even more fun instruments you may never have heard of – the Rhythm Bones, the Spoons and more Hambone techniques!

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John Dee Holeman & Dom Flemons Playing the Hambone

Don Flemons is a musician influenced by southern music traditions, including African- American music. Here he is in collaboration with John Dee Holeman, practicing the Hambone.

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