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Mars Rover Exploration

Humans have been fascinated with outer space since the dawn of humankind. Modern day humans have been exploring Mars to the best of our ability because we believe it’s the closest planet to Earth that may one day be able to support life.

So far, we haven’t been able to send humans to Mars and our best way to explore the planet is with the Mars Rover missions and robotic equipment. 

How Are The Mars Rovers Different?

Sojourner 1997

Curiosity 2012

Tianjian-1 2021

Spirit & Opportunity 2004

Perseverance 2021

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Let’s Play!

Code Your Own Mars Rover

Use Scratch, a simple programming language to program your own Mars rover with this activity from MIT! How cool is that?!

Here’s the link to the programming page at MIT.

Watch the video above to get started!

Play NASA’s Rover Game

Download and play NASA’s FREE Mars Rover Game. 

You can even learn about how the game compares to real life. Here’s the link on NASA’s website!

Mars Lander Experiment

Test your engineering skills by making a Mars Lander!

You need a paper cup, a marshmallow, some popsicle sticks, straws, tape, string, and whatever else you need to build a safe lander for your rover!

Draw A Mars Rover

Visit Nasa’s Mars Classroom!

Visit NASA’s Mars classroom for lots of activities, lessons, and learning experiences for kids!

Mars Rover Exploration Presentation with Kobie Boykins

Watch this deep dive presentation by Kobie Boykins, a NASA engineer, talking about Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity. Learn about the Rovers, their missions, what they learned, and the challenges they faced. This is a presentation created by National Geographic for adults, but any space-curious kid about ten or older will love it! 

Books About Mars Rovers

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library.

Curiosity: The Story Of A Mars Rover Read Aloud

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